Our first.

Conversation has always intrigued me.  I can always find a reason to drop anything I’m doing for a coffee date and a good chat with anyone who is willing to join me.   And that’s exactly what we did.  Amidst the technicalities of finding a venue for our event and figuring out the logistics – fun stuff! (kidding..maybe), we decided to get to know our passion pals. We played 10 questions and want to give you a reason to be just as excited as we are. 

Here it is with our superstar Madison Hope who is currently at Emily Carr pursuing studies in Interior Design – she will be at Kwantlen this fall.  Maddie (as we like to call her) works for Lululemon Atheltica where she teaches yoga, holds numerous community events, charity fundraisers and the like.  Through it all, music is at the forefront – her passion for music is a part of her daily walk.  


1. When you hear the word passion, what is the first word, image, or phrase that comes to mind?
When I think of passion, I think of power — the power to change who you are, or WHERE you are in your journey to finding greatness and happiness! I think that passion gives me strength — to go for something, to believe in myself, and to be able to give that back to others. Passion is like unconditional love, and you need to have passion for yourself to have passion to follow through on your dreams!
2. how does your ideal day begin or what does your ideal day look like? 

My ideal day begins with watching the sunrise on my back deck wrapped in a blanket, with a warm cup of tea with my boyfriend and dog! Then a yoga class, meet some girlfriends for coffee — the sun MUST be shining, and then some reading/sketching/guitar playing in the park with a picnic! Green tea and grilled cheese for dinner on the floor by the fireplace haha!
3. What is your biggest fear?
Underachievement. I’ve always been a selective “over achiever” (over achieving when I’ve been passionate enough to!) I know my potential, and my fear is that I will let the excuses we call “life” to get in my way.
4. When you’re anxious and feel the weight of the world, who do you look to or what do you do to gain perspective and reassurance?
I’ve never been very good at relying on other people, for fear of not being caught! I do a lot of yoga, it keeps me centered, and it keeps my “calm” within me. I think clearly after class, and I can process my stress and my anxiety through the silence.
That being said, I do have one person who is the CEO of my “help centre” — my Mom. She’s always been strict, but she’s usually right! She knows me well enough to know what’s good for me — she keeps me in line and out of trouble haha!
5. What is your passion/passions and how did you discover this?
My true passions are Music, Interior Design and PEOPLE!
I have always had a passion for singing, which turned into writing, and composing and guitar-playing! I have always been passionate about Interior Design — I became OBSESSED with HGTV growing up, and my 10 year goal is to be working for myself, owning my own interior design company!
6. How do you connect your passion with your everday life?
Through my work I relate to people everyday, educating them and inspiring them to live greater, healthier, more fun lives! I love connecting — and music is something I am never without!
For my interior design business, the idea is not about creating a trendy environment, but creating a space that you find comfort in, and that is truly the HOMEOWNERS! A place where you can make memories, and a place where you feel like you’re at HOME!
7. What is your wildest dream?
My wildest dream is to travel all over Africa, working in orhpanages for a year. Bringing over food, toys, books, school supplies. Travelling around and truly being a student of African culture, soaking it all up like a sponge — trying lots of crazy dishes, laughing a lot, and enjoying the finer things in life, like happiness, and laughter!
8. Who represents passion in your life?
My mom, I learned from her that you can truly be born to do something. She was born to be a teacher, and I have learned so much for her, as a woman, a professional, a mother and friend.
9. Favourite Quote?
“Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.”
10. Would you rather have ice cream from Marble Slab or Baskin Robins?
Marble Slab foh Shizzle!!!! It’s like a giant creation station! Woo woo!


Now, if that doesn’t make you smile…well..just don’t look outside right now or you’ll certainly start crying. Good ol’ Vancouver.

– T



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  1. Thato M

    GREAT FIRST INTERVIEW!! Look forward to more. Would be great though to include a brief bio on the person you are interviewing, just so we get a feel of the character before we hear of their passions. FANTABULOUS stuff though!!

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