The Boy on the B-line

“Your face is familiar…are you from Coquitlam?”

“Yes,” I said. In my mind, I thought, “CRAZY. Yes! I am from Coquitlam! How do you know?!” 

We couldn’t place the connection but one thing was for sure, we were on the 99 B-line. It was 10:15pm and we were heading to UBC.  

You asked me if I went to school at UBC.  I said yes…you chuckled the “of course you do” chuckle.  Thanks.  “Do you go to UBC,” I asked? (Silly question given his response but what the heck).  Once again, the chuckle.  And then, “No.”

While I thought that was the end of the conversation, you had a much better idea in mind. So, with a smile, you said you loved to skateboard…infact, you said you were pretty good. You also said you liked to paint.  Then you said you could sing and play the guitar.  And more than anything else, you said you loved to do all those things…they made you happy. 

But then, you stopped yourself. You told me you didn’t want to be the guy who says he’s going to do certain things with his life and never have them transpire into reality.  That’s like failure.  So, instead, you said you had chosen to be the guy who just goes around, havin’ a good time with the boys and the beer, traveling, skateboarding…just going with the flow. Not bad at all. Really, not bad at all.  But I’m convinced there’s more.  And I think you knew it too. 

So I asked you, why don’t you sing at cafes and stuff? You said, “You know what, I really could.” You said it as though you had never considered the possibility.  I was curious. Why doesn’t someone with so much to offer do something?  This is all of us isn’t it? …    

It was about expectations.  I said it and you laughed. But it was the kind of laugh that told us both that I was right.  I think expectations can sometimes scare all of us, especially the expectations we put on ourselves.  But my transit-talker, your tattoo…it says “Vivir.”  Live.  Yes.  This means taking a chance, jumping off the deep end with your passion.  This is not always easy for me either. 

I don’t know who you are and I don’t know where you are, but I hope you take your energy, passion, and zest for life and make something of it.  Take all the potential you have and make an investment – an investment in you. 

We’re not that different, you and I.  So let’s both jump off the deep end and take our own risks – the risks we know are worth taking because the possibility sometimes scares us.  At least we can then say, “We tried.”


PS You made me smile.


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