Happy One Month.

Today, we celebrated our one month anniversary in the world of blog. Yes, it was one month ago, that our baby of a blog was born. Already, it has seen 12 posts, almost 700 views, and so much passion. To commemorate this day, we overdosed on tea and passion.

We figured, one month must be special or our google search would not have produced a whole word for it. 

However, according to the relationship ‘experts’ out there, one month is too soon for roses or an “I love You” of any sort. You don’t want to scare anyone away. So, we decided to opt for something a little less flashy and treat you passionate ones to a tidbit of information instead. 

As we’ve alluded to before, we will be launching our very first Passion Project sooooon. We can’t say very much, but we can tell you this. It is going to be April 13th and musical magic will be made. We are tooooo excited. Mark, clear, highlight, glitterfy those calendars and agendas of yours. It is going to be one night of passion and epic-ness!

Going against all expertise, we’re just going to say it, “We love You.” Thank you for reading. We hope we haven’t scared anyone away…who knows what you’ll get next anniversary round??

Just kidding.

With love,

T and E


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One response to “Happy One Month.

  1. Kee

    Hello my lovelies,

    I’m a few days late but I just wanted to wish you guys a belated “HAPPY MONTHSARY”!!

    Très proud of you both!



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