Allowing for Failure in the Passionate Endeavour

“Sometimes, at the start of your journey, all you may have in your inventory to “sell” is passion. And sometimes, that’s enough to open doors.”

– Danielle LaPorte

Wise words from a wise woman who gives nothing but White Hot Truth.

Passion…it’s as though you were colouring but just couldn’t keep within the lines. Passion is uncontainable and exuberant.  It’s the stuff that makes you go the extra mile – it generates the inner strength you didn’t think you had.  The passionate journey is life well lived. It’s real, it’s present. And therefore, it’s not without the possibility of failure. But this isn’t such a bad thing afterall. 

Here’s something to consider:

Really, failure is just success turned inside out. Persevere with your passion. It’s the only way.




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