“I have yet to meet a woman who is not strong. They don’t exist.” – DVF

Men, we promise we  aren’t trying to exclude you here by writing about Women’s Day.  It’s called International WOMEN’S day, but the theme is Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for ALL. (Side note, did you know there is also an International Men’s Day?)

If IWD were a person, today would be her birthday.

Name: IWD

Age: 99

Favorite Color: Fuschia – fiery and feminine 

Birthday hot spot: China, Nepal, or Madagascar where the day is an official holiday for women only. (Over 30 countries recognize IWD as an official holiday for both men and women! On this day, men give mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters roses). 

Childhood dream: To become worldwide, a day of importance. Greater than this, to provide an education for all women, equal rights for all women, and enable all women to dream BIG.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! 


We wanted to send out some of our favorite pieces of womanly lovee for those of you who aren’t able to join in the march or rally or engage in a long discussion of women past, present, and tomorrow…Whether you’re avoiding the Vancouver outdoors or work, you can recognize the day in a little way. Here you go:

1. The world is a mess? Agree or disagree @ http://www.girleffect.org/

2. In Praise of Women: Magnificent, Spacious, Fiery Witnesses

3.  Half the Sky

On the book:

Women facing poverty, oppression, and violence are usually viewed as victims. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky shows that unimaginable challenges are often met with breathtaking bravery. These stories show us the power and resilience of women who would have every reason to give up but never do. They will be an inspiration for anyone who reads this book, and a model for those fighting for justice around the world. You will not want to put this book down.

— Angelina Jolie


There you have it. Our IWD favs. How will you acknowledge today? How do you usually acknowledge someone’s birthday? 

Celebrate the women around you. Men it will be your turn soon enough. 

❤ E


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