The Passion Project Hits the Pit!!!

Dearest Passionate Ones,

It’s finally come time for the very first Passion Proj. Are you excited???!! If the answer is not a passionate YES, by the end of this post, you will be convinced otherwise. 

Without further ado, we cordially invite YOU to a night of music and PASSION. Here are some reasons why you need to be there. 

1. This is a concert of great magnitude. We are bringing you not one, not two, but more than five musicians! Sway to the tunes of the following passionate musicians (This is not even the comprehensive list!): 

Keertana Reddy

Bonn Smith

Joseph Tabenkin

Johannes Rebane

Chris Chok 

Warren Dean

Maddie Hope

Tarini Fernando

2. With one ticket you are supporting these more than worthy organizations:

Acumen Fund


BC Children’s Hospital


BC Cancer Foundation

Harlem Children’s Zone

3. It’s all happening TUESDAY, APRIL 13TH. It’s the LAST WEEK of school!! 

4. We heart the Pit Pub.

5. Witness the great ingredient of passion in action. 

SAVE THE DATE. GATHER FRIENDS. BUY A TICKET (Tickets are $10. You can reserve them first! by sending an e-mail to get them hot from the oven mmmmmm.)





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