Passion Starts With an Idea (Insert your own lightbulb)

Sean Peters

Featured Passionista #6

T and I recently sat down for our very first interview together! Passionista number 6 is Sean Peters, co-founder and chair of the Board of Global Agents For Change  “a Vancouver based social change incubator that finds creative ways to impact global poverty.” Check it out! He is an SFU alumni and currently works as a Research Analyst at Friuch Consulting in addition to his ongoing support of the Global AFC. Perhaps you’ve seen or heard from him? 

Join us with your caffeine fix of choice as we ask Sean some very loaded questions.


Passion: What represents passion in your life and how did you discover this?

Peters: I guess what represents passion is the idea of finding things you are connected to, and things you either want to see happen or want to see change, or somehow different from the way they are now; whether that be an idea you have, or something more tangible…I see artists who are some of the most passionate people, but I’ve also seen business people that are some of the most passionate people…Passion starts with an idea.

Passion: How do you incorporate passion into your everyday life?

Peters: One of the things I am passionate about is the non-profit that we work with. For me, being able to tangibly impact impoverished people in a way that is sustainable in the long term is something I can truly feel good about. Coming up next Saturday, we have a gala where we’re recognizing young people under 20. That sort of thing is something that drives passion in my life. Seeing other people who are passionate; it’s like an explosion that sets off other explosions. 

Passion: 3 items off the Sean Peters bucket list?

Peters: For the non-profit, we set a goal of $1 million and we’ve reached $200 000. I want to hit that before I kick off. As a childhood goal, since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to climb this volcano in Hawaii…I’ve always wanted to take that journey; pack in and hike up. As for number three, I’d never jumped out of a plane before…so last Canada day I was actually able to jump out of a plane for the first time. So that was one on my bucket list that I got to kick off. 

Passion: WOO HOO! Could you tell us about a challenging experience and what you did to overcome this? 

Peters: Definitely starting up the non-profit was a huge, challenging experience. The only way we really overcame it was having really good people support us. This ties into your earlier question about how do you stay passionate. Having good people to help you along the way is so important. Starting up in the non-profit sector is really intimidating because having so much legal and financial barriers…not having had the help that we had, we would not have been able to get our non-profit off the ground. 

Passion: What is one thing that makes you laugh? 

Peters: What’s one thing that makes me laugh? You guys are making me laugh right now. Can I roll with that? There’s also this other show called Community that’s on and that’s been my de-stresser. 

Passion: How do you ensure that everything you do connects to your core belief and value system? 

Peters: That’s such a good question. If you’re rolling with your core values, you feel so much more in sync with the world around you; you feel like you have so much more purpose. If you want to call it conscience or motivation or passion…the idea that if you’re rolling with that, you feel more at peace with the world around you. 

Passion: What do you think has been your most meaningful contribution to date?

Peters: I guess I’ll dodge that question by saying that I would hope my most meaningful contribution has not already happened. We’ll see what the future holds. 

Passion: Blueberry cheesecake or blackforest cake? 

Peters: Ooh blueberry cheesecake for sure. I’m not a huge dessert person and cheesecake is not overly sweet. I like cheese.


Thank you Sean for taking time out of your day to sit and share!

Passion out!

❤ E


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