Feeling a Little Low?

Whenever I get to a low point, I go back to the basics. I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” It comes down to passion. 

– Lyn St. James


People with passion are incredibly inventive and tenacious individuals. They go way beyond the call of duty and frequently either work on the call of duty without pay or give more of themselves than their pay warrants. – Janet O. Hagbergy


This one goes out to a dear dear friend. Find COMFORT in it. 

Great dancers are not great because of their techniques, they’re great because of their passion. – Martha Graham

❤ EEEEEEExcited for Passion Proj No. 1



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2 responses to “Feeling a Little Low?

  1. Larissa

    Hey T! and E (I would love to meet you sometime!)

    you guys are my personal sunshine on a bad day.

    Since we are talking about everything and anything passion, I wanted to promote to you a topic I am passionate about as are many many other people I know.

    There is this event that goes on every year called “Balding for Dollars”. Amazing individuals fundraise and receive pledges to shave their heads or cut their gorgeous locks to support the courageous children at the BC Children’s Oncology Ward. These children and other cancer survivors are so passionate about life, and they don’t take anything for granted. They know the lowest of the lows, but make the best out of it, humbling us with our insignificant concerns. These are the ultimate role models. This one day is dedicated to bringing together people who want to make a difference in childhood cancer, and show love and support for those affected.

    Check out the site: http://www.baldingfordollars.com/ . Promote it, get involved, just attend the event! do as you please. but i promise you, it’ll change your life!


  2. Thanks for sharing Larissa! Your passion just shines through. I hope we meet sometime tooo.

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