Picking up on Passion

Omygoodness! It’s been a while. Where did we leave off? Yes – our first Passion Project! We’ll soon be posting a few videos about what our first project participants had to say about ‘passion’ and their chosen organizations, as well as including information about our fundraising outcomes…but for now…a few thoughts…

It was so exciting to see the project unfold and musicians take the stage in the name of passion. If a journey of a thousand miles is to begin with a single step – this was it – imperfect, vibrant, and more than anything else, a point of learning and growth. One thing for sure: bringing passionate people together is essential – it is a means of indulging in what truly matters.

As we go along, we hope to bring people together in more engaging and effective ways, making the stage bigger and better and overflowing with passion. As previously mentioned, the next event will feature passionate photographers – fire us an email at passionproj@gmail.com if you’re interested (of course you are!)– we certainly look forward to hearing from you 🙂

I also have to say that on this very occasion, I was reminded of the beauty of believers. Yup, that’s ya’ll out there who were able to join in the fun and did it with some TLC. Thank you for being there to see us start, for believing in what the Passion Project is seeking to represent, and for choosing to be a part of it. We welcome your very valuable feedback about the event; we want to hear about what you liked, what you hoped for, what you think could be done differently, what you would like to see for next time and the list goes on.

That’s all for now but stay tuned for the updates and for what will be an awesome interview with Rabi Sun…and I shall say no more about him until the next post…but if you really must, just google 🙂



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