Making Decisions and Choosing Passion

I have this very grave problem of being ever so excited about all types of opportunities that come my way that I find it very difficult to carefully examine what I should be doing. And so, I whip out a pen and paper and start mapping my life.  Sometimes this helps me reflect and gain perspective. At other times, it’s just a gigantic excuse for an art-attack (I employ all sorts of markers and pens in these endeavours).

I stumbled upon the very wise words of Frederick Buechner. Very simply –

“Where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need,”

– This is what you should be doing. This is passion. This is living in your element. 

And speaking of living in your element, I cannot help but bring up Sir Ken Robinson.  He’s hilarious, wise, and worth a listen.  He talks about passion and purpose, the synthesis of which would be you and I living in our own unique element.  This is a space where the quintessence of who we are comes alive – it’s about fully awakened potential in the most meanigiful way possible.  You can find the talk here.  

Yes, these ideas and rules to live by are easier said than done, but I think they provide a very important framework for living.   It’s stuff like this that gently provokes my conscience when I have to make a decision and desperately need a check or when I simply choose to imagine where I want to be in this big world.  Hopefully it does the same for you.

– T


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