Boarding: All Passionate Travelers.

I do hope you’ve been cooking up a storm. Just looked up what to do with pineapples and peanut butter. Sadly, two of my favorite foods do not equate to something magical.

Do you know what is magical? THIS. It’s so amazing I just had to share it with all of you. Check it. Any place you want to go. Just type it in, add dates and number of people in the pack, and you’re off! (PS They’re hiring….summer job anyone?)

Warning: If you have a date in half an hour, don’t even go near this website. Hours are required for this vacation real estate land mine. 

Happy travels!

One more question, can we come with you?  



Costa Rica Villa for four. $250 a night. Anyone? 


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One response to “Boarding: All Passionate Travelers.

  1. Ally

    I’ll go to costa rica!
    btw, though you can’t make anything with PB and P (pineapple), a WAY better combo is the ham-apple-cheddar sandwich with honey mustard and mayo on sourdough bread. I just told you all of the ingredients (most of which are probs in your fridge) so go make it now. NOW

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