Are you a cynic?

The lesson here is don’t give up on the cynics, the pessimists, the people who seem withdrawn from the task at hand…

A cynic, after all, is a passionate person who does not want to be disappointed again.

– Ben Zander

Have you ever thought that the most cynical one has the most to offer? If there’s a cynic in your life, search for the passion and work to make sure they aren’t disappointed again. Ask them if something is awry, if there is anything you can do. Their suggestions might be revolutionary. 

Or maybe you’re the cynical one? In which case, don’t write yourself off as a cynic. Inside, lies more passion than most possess. Just don’t linger too long in the cynicism. 

– E

PS Happy belated birthday to mummy dearest. Never a cynic. 



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One response to “Are you a cynic?

  1. Ally

    I want to read this book after you!

    PS – I ❤ Mrs Hii.

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