Tell wishes to the masses.

Dearest Passionate Ones,

I apologize for the serious lack of reading material on our behalf. T and I have both been trekking the globe. But fret not, we are not coming back empty handed. I will share the goods in bits of bite sized goodness. 

Meet the Wish Tree. 

What is your wish- the one you never say aloud, the one you say to yourself every birthday before you blow out the candles on the cake, the same one you silently speak whenever you catch 11:11 on the clock?

Yoko Ono (she is an artist- did you know that??) has created a piece entitled Wish Tree on display at the MoMA. The piece of art is unique because it allows an audience to not just be a part of the art, but creators of the art. 

Visitors of the museum are each welcomed to write their wishes on paper and attach it to the tree. Some are simple, others profound, others more personal but each as heartfelt as the next.  

Young and old gather round to contribute to the art piece and leave their mark. 

You are never too old or too young to wish for something and all wishes are of equal importance; no wish is trivial. 

The old adage – if you say your wish, it won’t come true – holds no truth here. In fact, is the complete opposite true?

Tell your wish to as many as possible. That way, others can become part of your dream, they can walk the journey with you and help you in the journey towards your greatest desire. 

Let this post be the metaphorical tree for you. Place your wishes in comments below or send them to us Anonymous or as yourself.  I placed mine upon that tree, can you guess which it is?

You are in good company. Go ahead, make a wish.




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