Favorite Companies From Travels

Dear passionate ones,

There are some amazing companies out there. Not only are they tremendously successful at what they do, but they have a little je ne sais pas that makes us love them even more. I’d like to introduce you to my fav.

1. Trader Joe’s

What they do: Healthful, organic, ingenious (try the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds). This company makes everything from shampoo to gluten free pancake mix. Think Whole Foods only cheaper and more homely.

Why they are passion-worthy: I met a woman who spends her time traveling between San Fran and New York to work at Trader Joes on either coast. Not only are the staff amazingly friendly (it’s probably all the healthy food that makes them so happy), but a good friend hit the hammer on the head when she said, “The company itself makes everything in house unless they know someone can do it better. ”

Someone please start the Bring-Trader’s-to-Canada movement!!

2. Pret a Manger

What they do: Handmade, natural, fast food. Oxymoron? Not for this company. This company was one I found on a recent visit to the U.K. They are to London what Starbucks is to Vancouver. Block-worthy.

Why they are passion-worthy: They tell you straight up- “We are passionate about food.” It’s a phrase on their packaging and in their stores. Anybody blatantly stating this is just screaming to be on our blog. 🙂 In addition, it’s a place for tourists and people on the go to find a decent sandwich, salad, or healthy snack for a decent price. A life saver in a land of expensive fish and chips!

3. Hunter

What they do: Boots that often sell for well over CA$200. Insanity or worth the sterling? It’s so insane you just might pick up a pair of these wellies to understand all the fuss.

Why they are passion-worthy: These boots became a success first during WWI where soldiers wore them in the trenches and commended its durability. Now they are popularized among the general public as a fashion statement…thanks to Kate Moss. Just what do they say…I’m not entirely sure… but Obama’s daughters wear them. (In purple if you’re hoping to follow suit. ) What’s more, Jimmy Choo is currently collaborating with the company for a luxurious pair of boots and I believe they have your name on it.

I’m sensing a pattern here. Shoes and good food are probably the quickest way to my heart. A much more important pattern than this though, is what these companies all have in common. Passion.

If you’re looking for work, don’t settle for a company that serves without passion. Work for the company that can’t live without passion.




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