Passion in three words? “Music, feeling, chest.”

Joseph Tabenkin

Featured Passionista #8

You may recognize Joseph from our first passion proj or from Bagels from Benny’s. He is a 4th year TLOG student at UBC and is fervently passionate about music. Let it be known that just minutes before this interview, Joseph got the word ‘PASSION’ tattooed to his right arm. Perhaps we can get him to add ‘project’ to the other side of that and become an official endorser of the passion proj…

Join us as we discuss Joseph’s passionate side


E: What gets you up in the morning?

My alarm…I’ll give you a better answer. Knowing that I own the day and it’s mine and I can achieve whatever it is I want to do.

E: Articulate you passion in 3 words and how did you discover this?

Music feeling chest. I get a feeling in my chest cavity area and it feels like it’s going to explode if I don’t get my hands on a guitar or finish writing a song. I started to notice that feeling every time I played or thought about playing guitar. That’s how I knew.

E: If not music what would you be doing?

I love making things more efficient. I get so excited looking at a business and figuring out a way to implement a process that would save them time.

E: 3 items off the Joseph bucket list

1. having a stadium full of people sing my song, like when famous bands do it
2. Flying an airplane but by myself.
3. Playing at the grammy’s with John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knoffler.

E: Biggest fear?

I am not afraid of life. It is mine.

E: In 10 years, where would you like to be in your musical career?

I’m going to have items 1 and 2 checked off my bucket list.

E: Who is one person who represents passion to you and what is the greatest lesson they taught you?

Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastien d’Anconia, a character from Atlas Shrugged, one of the most amazing men ever conceived. He taught me that I can be passionate and do what makes me feel passionate and not feel any guilt about my passion or my own happiness.

E: What did the Passion Project give you / what did you take from it?

In preparing for the Passion Project I spent a ton of time practicing with some of the other passionistas. I realized how content I was playing music and that I wanted to spend all the time left in the world doing it.

E: If you’re not feeling passionate about what you’re doing, what do you do?

Check my premise. There is always some reason causing my unpassionatness…Just need to find out what it is; usually a good guitar practice puts me right as rain.

E: Fav song to lift you out of a funk?
Playing along to Gravity, or any blues song really. My grandma once asked me what I had to be sad about when she heard me playing the blues. I realized nothing. The blues is pretty much the happiest music in the world. It’s pure emotion. I was actually listening to a blues radio station the other day, and one of the hosts said something that summed it up nicely “Some people cry about jumping off a bridge when their baby leaves them, but when you sing the blues, you sing about your baby leaving, and finding another one.”


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