What do you do in your closet?

His office space is a converted walk-in closet. Bill Gates envies him. John Doerr and his wife sent him a cheque for thousands upon thousands and sent him a message that read, “There’s another $100 000 in the mail.” Casual.

From his transformed closet space in an unassuming house in New Orleans, Salman Khan teaches at least two hundred thousand people per month. How many teachers do you know who reach that many on a regular basis?

I can’t begin to put into words how amazing this is. You will just have to see it for yourself. It made me think of a tedtalk I recently saw and how the two together would be striking gold.

Just imagine. THIS (vid also incl below) paired with THIS and ONE DAY education is NOW accessible to all. A hole in the wall and some internet and BAM, we have now overcome reason upon reason why education could not be provided to all in the past.

What does this mean? Not just for education in places struggling to overcome poverty, but in countries filled with wealth. What does it mean? One day we may not ever have to leave our houses to get an education.

Just imagine.




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