A Passion for Fashion

Allie Nychka

Featured Passionista #10

Our featured passionista numero ten is not just a passionista, but also our first addition to the Passion Proj team. We are so excited to introduce you to Allie!! Allie is in her fourth year studying poli sci and will be regularly blogging with us not to mention helping us with our next passion project!!

“I’m hoping to bring some great fashion into the passion project! I’m also excited to write about the other passions, and connect with more passionate people. ” – Allie


1. What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about fashion–almost every aspect. I like designing clothes, styling ones I already have, and looking out for new trends.

2. How did you discover this passion?

I’m honestly not really sure how or when I got into it to begin with. It feels like fashion has always been a big part of my life. My mom tells stories about how, at age 3, when friends came to play at my house, whenever we began doing a different activity I’d run upstairs and put on a new outfit. Like I’d wear a dress while playing dolls, then change to something new when we started coloring. In high school I started designing a few of my own clothes; in grade 11 I made 5 shirts, one with each day of the week written on it, and I wore only those shirts (on the corresponding weekdays) for the first month of school. Unfortunately, when I came to UBC I had less free time and I let my passion go by the wayside a bit. However last year when I was studying abroad in Sweden I had more time to think about fashion (and the Scandinavian clothes just kept calling to me…) and my passion for fashion became fierce enough that I decided to start my own fashion blog. http://buynothing.tumblr.com.

3. 3 items off the Allie bucket list that you would like to accomplish next.

– Live in Europe. I went to Sweden on exchange last year and I absolutely loved it. I connect so much more with the fashion over there. I hate to sound like a snob, but people actually dress up to go do things! It’s great. Right now, I’m really loving the idea of moving to Amsterdam or Berlin after I graduate.
– work in the fashion industry. Be it designing, styling, or writing, I want to get into the fashion world on a larger scale.
-Go to Australia and South America (the two continents besides Antarctica that I haven’t been before).

4. Who represents passion to you?
Hmm.. I think to me passion is a truly individual thing. It’s hard to think of another person representing passion for me, when my passion is so uniquely me. That said, Björk has always struck me as a tremendously passionate person, one really willing to express her own views political, musically and aesthetically. Kind of like a classier Lady Gaga. Yeah, I said it.

5. Book that changed your life
Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I adored it when I had to read it for school in grade 12, because it seemed like one of the first “classics” that I could relate to. This summer I reread it and it only got better.
6. Latest fav. fashion find
I recently bought a pair of thigh high socks and I love the new dimension they give to all my normal shorts/skirts-with-boots outfits. I also really want a pair of harem pants.
7. One word to describe your personal style
Oh this is tricky! Is there one word that means both creative and simple? My goal is to be able to describe my style as “effortless” but I don’t know if I’m there yet.

8. If it wasn’t fashion, what would you be blogging about?

Another one of my passions is photography. Fashion allows me to explore photography in a new way, but I also enjoy photography by itself. I have a personal blog where I post photos I’ve taken and write some creative nonfiction, mainly about my day to day life.


Welcome Allie!! We are so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to share your passion for fashion.




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