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Dena Javadi

Featured Passionista #11

We are so excited to introduce to you another addition to the Passion Project team – Dena – a fourth year student studying Global Health in the Global Resource Systems Program in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Wow, that is a whole load of names…and a good indication of what you can look forward to from Dena.  As a healthy minds and healthy bodies passionista, she will be sharing her thoughts on all things that keep us alive and well mentally and physically.  As the stress of papers quickly approaches, there’s nothing more I could look forward to!


T: What is passion to you?

D: I like the way Paul Coelho put it in the Alchemist: “Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World.”  I’ve felt most passionate  when there’s been a mix of curiosity, knowledge, skill and enjoyment in whatever it is that I’m working on. 
T: How do you keep passion alive in your life?

D: I used to think that I’ll get to my passion after I finish this or that (this or that being mainly school-related), but when I put that aside and started to recognize passion in what I was doing at the time, I felt much more balanced and at peace with myself.
T: Describe your ideal day

D: Can I add hours? At the end of my ideal day, I would like to be at a happy-tired stage, which means that I’ve made a few positive steps forward in my work, I’ve had time for a run, I’ve tickled the ivories (i.e. piano), I’ve eaten fresh and colourful meals with friends/family, and I’ve jumped into a fjord (location-dependent).
T: What is the coolest thing you have ever done?

D: I love travelling and being immersed in a new place, meeting new people and experiencing a serious case of information overload. I had the opportunity to do just that this past summer. I was involved with a project in Tanzania and lived there for a while, learning all about how the project had affected the local people living in very remote villages. (One of the people I interviewed introduced himself to me in Swahili as Tanzania’s Chuck Norris. I was amused). Oooh, and I’ve sung in front of Prince Charles and Bill Nye the SCIENCE GUY!! (remember, Tarini?) haha
T: What keeps you going when times get tough?

D: My family, and an awareness that the horrible feeling that everything is wrong is temporary. I make an effort to keep the positive components of my life in perspective at all times, so when a rough patch makes an appearance, it’s easier to remember just how much I have to be grateful for.

T: Is there someone in your life who has had a significant impact on you in terms of helping you define your passion, your values, or your character?

D: My mom! She’s the strongest person I know and her guidance has taught me to dream big. She’s also brutally honest, so if I’m being wimpy or whiny, she’ll let me know, which is actually (in hindsight) quite a gift. 

T: What’s your biggest fear?

D: You’re going to think I’m saying this cause it’s the Passion Project Blog, but quite seriously, my biggest fear is to live without passion. 

T: BIG dream! What is it?

D: ummm… it changes. often. World Peace? 
T: If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

D: Anything eh? You know how people say the problem with the world is that there are just too many people. Well, if I could change anything, it’d be making the world bigger and throwing a bunch more resources in there. The more the merrier! Aside from the metaphysically implausible, I’d make it so that people appreciated each other more. 
T: Would you rather have a tiramisu or an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen?

D: Aye… ice cream cake! The fusion of cookie, fudge and ice cream is perfectly delightful! 


A big passionate welcome to Dena! We are super excited to have you with us!




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