Our Favorite Things Pt.4

Ah the holidays..this might actually be my favorite time of year! Unlike most, I actually love it when it’s dark, rainy/snowy, and cold out–makes for good ski conditions in the mountains, and cosy time indoors!

Here’s what’s topping my list of lovely things this year:

1. Skiing! I’m back at my parents’ house, so I’ve been skiing at the mountain where I grew up skiing–Winter Park. Besides offering unbeatable bump runs, gnarly chutes, and luscious powder, it’s an incredibly nostalgic experience to go back to my home mountain.

2. The Lewis Sweet Shop! On the drive back from Winter Park, we always pass through this dilapidated little town: Empire, Colorado. There are maybe 10 houses, two restaurants (though one is a fast food place called the “Dairy King”) and a place called Lewis Sweet Shop. They make amazing milkshakes, salt water taffy, and caramel corn, all perfect aprés ski treats for the remainder of the drive.

3. Family Time Traditions. My family has two main traditions: cutting a Christmas tree from the forest, and getting together with family friends to decorate gingerbread houses. By the time American thanksgiving (3rd week of Nov) comes along, I am usually waist deep in–not powder on a ski day– but school work. Thinking of these traditions is always what gets me through those last few weeks at school.

4. Soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas. I’ve never actually watched the TV special of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it is one of the few holiday CDs my family can stand to listen to, and has come to be our unofficial soundtrack for the gingerbread house decorating mentioned above.

Here’s the one that really gets me in the Christmas spirit:

5. Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. While I realize violent crime novels are not particularly Christmas-y, I did just finish the third and final installment, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. After a semester slaving through Political Theory and Metaphysics textbooks, this read was perfect for kicking back in front of a roaring fire.

Happy Holidays All! Hope you’re enjoying the darkest time of the year as much as I am! 😀

– A


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