Happy New Year

Dearest Passionistas,
Thank you for an amazing 2010. We are already so excited for what 2011 has in store.

I’ve made countless resolutions to sweat once a day, say no to bottled water, consume less, boost that GPA, and make sure I make more than enough time for those that truly matter.

It’s easy to get lost in resolutions and fixated on outcomes such as losing weight, saving the environment etc etc…easier still to let go of them one by one as the year goes by.

That’s why I’ve put one resolution aside that trumps every good intention to get to spin class. I resolve to try and enjoy everyday. I hope that whatever your worthy resolutions may be, that you fill each day with something you are passionate about. I challenge you: Each and every day, do one thing that makes you feel alive. Five minutes of it, five hours of it…

  • whip out your harmonica
  • open your box of crayons and colour outside the lines of your dinosaur colouring book
  • get into down dog
  • hop on a bike
  • write a blog post for us here!

Whatever it may be… Stay passionate,



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