Universal Languages

In a world speaking well over 6000 languages, we can often look towards universal languages like music to connect us.  Rhythm and tone speak a language of emotions that transcend boundaries and borders in an empowering way.  Images as well speak to the heart in much the same way, making photography a powerful tool that can speak to a number of different issues and people in a unique manner.  Our upcoming event – “Picture Change” – on February 28th (tickets coming soon!) will highlight creative ways in which photography serves as a medium to raise awareness of social, political, and environmental issues both locally and globally. 

More details on the event are definetly coming up so stay tuned…but in the meantime, here’s something in keeping with our theme to get your pallette wet:

1) David Griffin on “How Photography Connects Us”

2) A look at 2010 through a camera’s lens

3) Your daily week in pictures with BBC World News

Until next time,

D & T


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