Picture Change


Yes. In approximately T-3 weeks, we’ll be setting the stage for our passionate photographers at our next event – “Picture Change”.

We begin with an attitude of gratidue. The Passion Proj crew are exceptionally honored and excited to have the support of the Global Lounge by way of the UBC Global Fund.  Without them, much of this would not be possible.

So what’s this “Picture Change” all about?

Through exploring the conflict between China and Tibet with local professional, Ryan Gauvin to exploring the impact of cultural drain on the Lillooet traditions with photojournalist Jonathan Taggart, “Picture Change” will highlight creative ways in which photography serves as a medium to raise awareness of social, political, and environmental issues both locally and globally.

We hope you choose to join us for the evening as we create a space for UBC students of all disciplines to showcase their passion for photography and learn from local professionals.   As always the case, our project participants have each chosen specific organizations that will be financially supported through proceeds from the event.

What’s more, any of ya’ll with a camera and questions will have an opportunity to learn more and rekindle the passion.  We’ll be having 3 concurent workshops:

  • Quick stop for Photoshop: the do’s and don’ts
  • Building your Toolkit: learning about lenses, lighting and more through the passion of travel photography
  • Envision an entrepreneur: turning your photography into a business; creativity isn’t free

Stay tuned for updates! It’s time to Picture Change

$10. Photography. Good causes. Refreshments. Passion.

Give us a shout at passionproj@gmail.com for tickets or any other questions you may have!





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