Tea time!

So much of the passionproj was built over copious cups of tea. There’s a reason our username became T and E for tea. If you’re passionate about your tea like I am, it’s high time for some tea time. Did you know that long long ago, no one beyond China knew about tea? What did they drink on their way to school and before they curled up with a bedtime story?!

Some fav tea time finds:

Have you noticed the amount of tea stores that have cropped up in Van in the past little while?

I love Davids – the apple cinnamon smells like apple pie. Got this for my dad’s birthday because his favorite dessert is apple pie.

I also stumbled upon this grapefruit tea at a friend’s last weekend. Need to check out Teaz Tea boutique on granville sometime soon. Its webite claims it’s the ‘third best reason to live in Vancouver.’ I’ve lived here practically my whole life and I have never experienced the third best reason to live in this city??! I’m ashamed.

Saved my personal favorite for last. The Urban Tea Merchant. 100% biased as I used to work here, but step through the doors into the oasis and have a Je t’aime latte and you will understand whyyy. I began my love for tea here.

Omygoodness have you heard of Sanctuary T??! Fitting with our upcoming photography event ‘Picture Change’, this is a website that features what tea time looks like all over the world. People send in photos capturing their personal tea time and it is shared on the website. It’s interesting to see how tea can take so many forms. Here’s a cuppa in India. Amazing!

I think of this proverb when I am in good company with a cup of tea.

“The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family..”

With that, I’m going to go get my kettle on,


PSssst Remember to save the date.


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  1. Thank you for the suggestions (the one from Davids Tea sounds delish)! Just absolutely had to chip in my two tea-loving cents!

    Try “Divine Temptation” from the Bayswater Tea Company – a blend of black tea, hazelnut, and Belgian nougat.

    Also, the creamy Earl Grey from the Secret Garden Tea Company is heavenly…and my latest obsession is the Spring Wind Jasmine from Pekoe Tea Lounge (formerly Steeps Tea).

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