It’s a photographer’s heaven.

Please tell me you’ve saved the date already for our next passion project!! We are bringing about social change through photography.

Not only do we have fabulous featured presenters. Check them out.

We also bring to you not one, not two, but THREE fantabulous workshops. Bring your cameras, pens, paper and get ready to soak in some love. Whether you are an avid photographer or someone (like me) who simply enjoys a good photograph, you’ll be able to find something that is just your cup of tea.

1. The art of travel photography

Ever been somewhere magnificent and come back wishing you’d captured the magic in a photograph? Ever traveled and wished you’d taken more photos? Professional photographer Mona Kayello will be sharing her personal travel albums and sharing her best travel photography tips.

2. Photoshop 101

Learn the basics of Photoshop from the pros. It’s as easy as ABC. The Visual Arts Students’ Association of UBC will be coming out to teach you all they know!

3. Photography isn’t Free

The wonderful Jeremy Lim will be sharing the realities of pursuing your passion. Let’s be honest, if you really want to do this for the rest of your life, you are going to be needing support and money. What does it take to pursue your passion for photography? Jeremy will be speaking about why you should be getting paid and how you can justify it to clients. Come soak in this wisdom. In the meantime, tweet him @jeremylim.

Find the one which fits your fancy. I look forward to soaking up some pure, awesome knowledge with you!



PS I’ve got a pair of tickets with your name on it.



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