The Passionistas/Passionistos

We are just three days away from Picture Change. I am buzzing with excitement. We’ve introduced you to our featured presenters and given you a taste of the great workshops you will be treated to. Now it’s time to introduce you to the 7 photographers whose work you will be invited to view this coming Monday.

These 7 people are the reason we keep doing what we do…the passionistas!  (Note: We were informed that we weren’t being completely inclusive with the term ‘passionista’ so for all men in the audience, we’ve invented the term ‘passionisto.’ ) These are the people we create the stage for. They are made of pure passion and want to do good with their raw talent.

Readers, meet our 7 photographers, UBC students from across different disciplines. The will be coming together to showcase their work and create social change through this work. Each of them have chosen organizations they feel passionate about and through your ticket, you can support their causes.

In no particular order:

Dionne Chingkoe

Uvini Lokuge

Jeff Geng

Josh Curran

Jon Chiang

Sam James

Sonam Vohra

All of this – the featured presenters, workshops, and gallery of photographs will be happening this coming Monday, February 28th at 5pm. I am sooo excited to see you there. Have you got your ticket? Let us know





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