Finding Passion in Uncertainty

The past couple of days have been a whirl wind of emotions, fears, and decisions in my life.

The d-word. We all have to deal with decisions, but there is nothing more anxiety provoking then when you reach a fork in the road and are uncertain which path to follow. But in the midst of my decision frenzy my passion ladies and I sat down on Friday to have a brainstorming session to re-vision and set goals for the Passion Project. And it got me thinking, is it really that easy to follow your passion and follow your heart in every life decision?

The purpose of the Passion Project is to get students and people everywhere back to thinking with our hearts instead of being ruled by our brains and responsibilities and over packed agenda books.

As we learn in Economics 101, every decision is a decision made on the premise of scarcity… you cannot have everything you want; therefore, option A comes at the cost of forgoing option B. So shouldn’t the answer be simple? If you cannot have everything you want then shouldn’t you choose what you are most passionate about and what gives you the most joy in return?

But as we get older, responsibilities mount, and future goals and dreams require planning and action today, the notion of choosing the joyful decision can seem reckless and unwise. But to play devil’s advocate with myself, I would argue that shouldn’t we live in the NOW instead of waiting for someday in the future to experience the passionate side of life?

Being a part of the Passion Proj team has exacerbated my tendency to craft my life in a way that I can get as much joy and fun out of it as possible, but without losing sight of the important stuff. So I have come to a conclusion of how to make those hard life decisions:

  1. Really define how important each route is to you
  2. If the passionate choice (in my case, travelling to Europe this summer) is a deep passion- THEN GO FOR IT
  3. CREATE YOUR REALITY- I have always read and heard from various sources, family, friends, spiritual leaders, that if you can see it, you can have it. So I am talking about vision boards, setting goals, and finally
  4. RELEASE YOUR DECISION to the universe. If you have followed your heart, chosen your passion, and set feasible goals of how to get there: all that is left is to have faith in the universe and the mysterious ways in which it works to get you what you really want.

That’s all for now….enough philosophical waxing for one afternoon.

xx Y



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