Passion Bon Voyage

First off let me describe my writing location right now. I am sitting in my aunt’s California garden that can only be described in one way: crafted with passion. She has taken the time in her busy life to create a beautiful space that allows her to add some rose bushes and tranquility into her busy life. I think we should all aim to craft a small portion of our living spaces that can mirror our passions back to us.

Now getting back from my tangent, I want to take a moment to congratulate everyone on another academic year successfully completed and to thank you all for supporting the Passion Project either through attending Picture Change or just living your life as passionately as possible. But as one UBC chapter closes, a summer of possibilities opens and for many of us this time of year means putting the textbooks back on the shelf and investing time in others things we love. For example, our Passion team will be parting ways and heading to different time zones to explore what we are passionate about.

Tarini is heading off to Sri Lanka to intern with a think tank with the goal of implementing policy that can directly affect impoverished citizens. Eunice is spending the summer in Ottawa on a missions trip with Catholic Christian Outreach. Dena is off to Geneva for a summer internship with the World Health Organization where she can put her freshly earned UBC degree to use. Allie will be holding down the fort in Vancouver while working. Alex is headed to New Hampshire for a summer as a camp counsellor and reliving all our favourite childhood memories of summers spent in the outdoors. And finally, after 7 weeks of being tortured by calculus I will be headed to the Mediterranean to bask in my passion of turquoise waters, sailing and friendship (and of course photography).

There will be bi-monthly blog updates from our team to keep you posted and hopefully inspired!

xox Y


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