Who’s on our team? Pt.1 – Yas and Alex.

Hey folks!

To kick start this year, we’ve been busy having coffee dates, brainstorming sessions, and more.  We’re the 2011-2012 team and we are ready to bring on a new year of all things passion.  We’re going to start off this series of introductions by re-introducing two fabulous ladies who inspire us daily and who got on board with the project last year – Yasmine (we prefer Yaz) and Alex!

Stay tuned for more team love,

T and E


Alex is our Dreamer and Doer – our Mini-Event Coordinator

The D.A.D brings students, educators, professionals, and others within the community to learn about passion through discussion and activity. This position consists of organizing events that bring the local community together to learn and grow from each other’s ideas, perspectives, and talents.  She hopes to draw from professionals, documentaries, peers, and other people in the passionate community to create participatory discussions and hands on activities that inspire, motivate, and challenge our passion and perspectives.

3 Goals:

1. To spread wealth of knowledge by connecting students to the community and vice versa.

2. To hold events and create an environment where students can grow and learn more about either their own passions or other peoples’ passions.

3. To improve my ability to communicate and present my own thoughts and ideas


Yasmine is our Leadership and Professional Development Rep

Yasmine’s focus this year is to expand the Passion Project’s working knowledge of effective leadership and group dynamics in order to push the initiative to the next level. She currently represents the Passion Project on the Global Lounge’s Professional Development Committee, which will organize and present a series of seminars targeted at improving global leadership for social change. She hopes to take what she learns from this position and positively impact the Passion Project.

3 Goals:

1. To successfully execute the Passion Project’s first professional development workshop on “Leadership Styles and Empowerment” (March 3rd in collaboration with the Dollar Project – more details to come closer to the date!)

2. To foster an innovative leadership style for the Passion Project so that we can target a larger audience with more opportunities to inspire others and awaken their passions.

3. To challenge students and people from the community to live each day with awareness.


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