Who’s on our team? Pt. 2 – Efua

Soon after we got rolling with our first few events, we asked ourselves: “how can we enhance our impact on the community while retaining our commitment to celebrate passion?”

Every passion we celebrate is different and therefore, we believe it can (and should) be connected to the community in varied ways via different partners, projects, and time frames.  By working in partnership with the UBC Community Learning Initiative (CLI), we will be working to establish partnerships that create a channel of exchange between UBC students and the community.  Our community partners have an established relationship with the CLI which allows us to collaboratively have a more sustained involvement in these spaces.

Who’s supporting, owning, and rocking this role?

EFUA! Our fabulous Community Liaison:

The Community Liaison works with our partners at the UBC Community Learning Initiative, in addition to partners beyond the UBC community to enhance the Passion Project’s role in linking students’ passion to community involvement.  Through bringing resources and learning tools to the team, the Community Liaison will us explore various questions – for example, what are best practices when it comes to connecting to community?  What does this look like?

3      Goals for the Year:

  • Work with the team to develop more awareness and understanding of how to effectively engage with community
  • Build relationships and establish partners in the community and facilitate an ongoing conversation
  • Create a link between the Passion Project and community organizations, to collaboratively identify and meet certain needs in the community while creating learning experiences for students involved
More to come, so once again, stay tuned!
T and E

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