Who’s on our team? Pt.3 – Iggy

Hey Passionate Ones!

Hope you’re off to a great week.  We’re pumped to introduce to you the man who will take the lead in sorting logistics and details for our main events – Ignatius – our Feature Events Coordinator.  PS. We call him Iggy 🙂

Here’s what he had to say:

My job is to create spaces where you can take a step back from the overwhelming chaos of university life, breathe deeply and look within. What is that I truly enjoy doing? Am I doing what I enjoy? Maybe you want to begin to find a passion, maybe you want to rekindle a forgotten passion, or maybe you want to pronounce and share with others your joy for your passion. Whatever it is you want to do, if it’s Passion-related, there will be an opportunity for you to think, reflect, share, listen, learn, explore and discover.

I will be thinking of fresh, innovative ways of connecting you with others in similar “passion-states”, offering resources and opportunities and, eventually providing an audience for you to share your joy and energy.

3 Goals:

1. to inspire others to find their passion

2. to provide safe, open and welcoming spaces for ideas, discussion, creativity

3. to create awesome events that promote the fostering and sharing of passion
We’ve got more introductions and event updates (!!) coming your way soon!

T and E


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