Who’s on our Team? Pt. 4

Passionate ones!

What are your grand plans for the weekend? Before you jet off for grand weekends in the book stacks, we’d like to introduce you to Ritika. She’s Alex’s sidekick and second-in-command when it comes to our mini-events.

Stay passionate,

T and E


Ritika – Periodic Mini-Event Coordinator 

My role is aimed at maintaining and sustaining inspiration and passion in routinely student lives. This includes being motivated through mini-events held throughout the year. This enables awareness and exposure to new forms of creativity, whilst driving the community to search, practice and enjoy their own passion(s). The goal is largely oriented with building a stronger sense of community, whilst allowing for personal growth with the help of the community. 

Three goals:
  1. To hold mini-events that allow for new insights, discussions, allow one to question their purpose and goals both short and long term, but locally and globally as a community. They are also meant to inspire creativity and change within one’s life for personal development.
  2. To emphasize and maintain healthy mental health and self-care practices within the community. 
  3. To increase Passion Project’s sphere of influence by increased participation and enthusiasm. This will eventually lead to an increased emphasis of finding one’s passions and motivations, as a whole within UBC.

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