Connecting Passion to the Community

Our last team meeting took place in the downtown Eastside at the UBC Learning Exchange office on Main Street.  As a team, we were taking a step back to understand what good relationships with the community reflect.  We learnt about the ways in which meaningful community partnerships are formed and the importance of allowing the community to direct conversations and determine their needs while being authentic and available to flexibility with our responses.  And really, that’s what the UBC Learning Exchange is all about.  Learn more about them here.

Why are these conversations so important to us at the Passion Proj?

Well, it brings us back to our central belief that passion is a privilege just as it is a responsibility.  We want to use our gifts to connect with those around us.  So, as we eagerly set the stage for passionate slam poets and musicians, we’re also going to be connecting this to promoting literacy and mentorship through creative expression at an elementary school in Vancouver’s Eastside – Queen Alexandra.

Queen Alex was nearly shut down a little while ago, but thanks to the persistence of the community, it was kept open and redefined as a Fine Arts school.  Our work with this inner city school will be an opportunity to get back into crayons and creativity while learning lessons in humility and simplicity.

SO. If YOU are a slam poet, pianist, singer, musician…artist of any sort, with an interest in connecting your passion to the community, we want to hear from you.  The event will be in December (details coming soon!) but the community placement will be hosted over Reading Week in February.

Don’t miss out – give us a shout at if this takes your fancy!



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