The Story of Our Hands

Once again, I was absolutely blown away by the UBC SLC and left the conference inspired and motivated in many regards.  As workshop presenters, E and I had a fabulous time and were so grateful to have such awesome workshop participants – thank you for being there.

But the highlight of this year’s conference was undoubtedly, having Sarah Kay embrace the stage.  I’m not sure about you, but I was completely wrapped up in every articulation of creative genius.  What’s more, I was incredibly moved by the sincerity and humility that her very presence conveyed – particularly a beautiful thing to witness given the many accolades of success she has to her name.  My favourite piece was, “Hands”:

“Some people read palms to tell you your future, but I read hands to tell your past.”

I remembered then, my mother’s hands.  They tell the story of a resilient woman; a woman of tenacity and selflessness.  Her hands are rough from years of doing precisely what many mother’s do – everything.  I can only hope that one day, I am even half the woman she is.

And so, while being inspired in many respects, I left the SLC with one desire, one commitment: to better use my hands that I may give more generously of my time to those who need it or seek it, and give more generously of the skills I have acquired up to now in service to those around me.

Indeed, our hands will tell a story.  Let us work from here, from now, to create it.



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