A Special Day

Dear Friends,

Today is special.  Special for two reasons:

1.  Yes, you guessed it.  Our conversation and workshop with Ms. Judith Marcuse is only hours away. We are jazzed.  I’m not even going to ask because I KNOW you are too!  (Not that you need a reminder, but just in case: 5:30-8:00PM at the Global Lounge)

2. We are ecstatic, elated, (insert another adjective in e), to introduce to you a new member of our team – Ahrthyh Arumugam.  Watch this space for more by Ahrthyh – she is taking the lead on ensuring our blog gets some regular lovin.

1) What is it that gets you up every morning?

Sunlight. Unfortunately that’s not the best way to wake up here in Vancouver, so I tend to oversleep.  Another one, the excitement of facing a brand new day with so much stuff to be happy about!

2) What food best represents you and why?
Tough question, Tarini. I would say Rasmalai. It’s an Indian dessert. It’s homemade cheese known as chenna, served with its special syrup. The cheese is made by preserving fresh milk (by heating), which causes it to have a very rich flavour and soft texture. The syrup is made from milk, slightly sweetened and laced with cardamom. It makes me experience bliss!

Why it represents me? My life mantra, is to stay genuine. To be authentic, to be me. I am grateful and proud of my origin and upbringing. This strikes a chord with the making of chenna. Chenna is so good because unlike any other cheeses which are acidified, it’s made using traditional recipe which results in its rich flavour that delights the taste buds. By staying original, you contribute to the beauty of the world.

3) Tell us about someone who has truly inspired you. What is he/she like? What is it about them that inspire you?
Dr. Sunera Thobani, because of her perseverance and modesty. She is a strong woman; I know this because I was under her supervision in 2011 while working in RAGA. Obstacles avoid her. She takes them down one by one, in her own ways. By being patient with everything else and herself. She is also very intelligent, always comes up with new ideas to connect academia and the community. Additionally, she is a very modest person. Despite her achievements in the feminism world and an amazing personality, she is so humble. Never dominant, always down to earth. Kudos to her.

4) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Self awareness and/ or individual empowerment.  This is actually why I’m so excited about the Passion Project – it gives me hope that it’s possible.

5) If you were to be given a free ticket to any place in the world, where would you choose to go?
Santorini, Greece. Can I choose one more? Please? Ok, nevermind.
P.S.: Galapagos Island 🙂


Welcome Ahrthyh! We are so excited to have you on board!



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