It’s all about Perspective

What is behind the click of a camera? The rotation of a zoom lens? The application of this angle or that? These are the personal touches that go into the making of a photograph- in essence what transforms a picture from a plain image into an expression of yourself. Through Reading Week at Queen Alexandra, the Passion Project aimed to teach kids how to think about photography as a form of self expression. Over the span of the three days beautiful images and friendships were captured.

Passion Proj teammates T and Ritiks admiring photos

When you give kids a tool for creativity, whether it be music, poetry, or in our stream…photography, you unleash something beautiful. You can truly see how each person is blessed with their own unique perspective, and how as a result two people can never see the same thing the same way. I definitely saw this theory in action when we hung the final project’s up by the end of the week and saw that there was a dominant theme arising in the kids’ fondest memories at school- basketball. However, even though nearly 10 kids chose to photograph basketball, no two images looked anywhere near the same.

In life, like photography, no two people will look at a situation and take away the same thing from it. But it is precisely this diversity that makes life so rich, and interaction among people so vital to understanding the whole picture.

The Passion Project’s involvement with Queen Alexandra showed me the wonderful possibilities that stem from putting different people from all backgrounds and ages into one space. In the end, perspective is what makes us unique, but sharing it is what makes us whole.

– Yas


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