5 Days

Dear Passionate-Ones,

Where are you sleeping tonight?

Recently, I’ve been noticing more about the homeless in Vancouver…like what she’s wearing to keep warm, what he’s using as a pillow, what his sign says. I begin to wonder how long he’s been sitting there and if he’s going to pick a new place to sleep tonight.

I’ve been noticing all this because for the next 5 days, I’ll be participating in the national, annual campaign, 5 Days for the Homeless. University students from across Canada camp outside for 5 days to make a point about homelessness in our cities. We’ll be giving up our warm beds, hot showers, and our cell phones to raise money and awareness for the Directions Youths Services Centre.

We’ve spoken a lot about how passion is a privilege. Having a home and food and all the other basic necessities that we don’t even question is an enormous privilege.

When you have a moment next week, come visit the 5 days team outside the UBC Bookstore. Bring your spare change, a musical instrument or two and help out…because you can.

When you next walk by a homeless person, what is it that you notice? Do you notice at all?

Noticing more,



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