Do you have a minute?

Hi passionate ones!

How’s your Thursday treating you? Our good friend Francis recently got nominated on CampusPerks for his work as a fantabulous poet and we thought we’d share. WHEN you have a minute today, go support him!

Get your vote on,


Francis making sweet poetry.


CampusPerks is an organization that encourages student-run projects and recognition for leaders in a variety of fields. This year, they launched their first Student of the Month series, for “The Athlete,” “The Innovator,” “The Artist,” and “The Leader.” One day this week, I was told I was nominated for “The Artist” and could hardly contain myself! I grinned embarrassingly big, and yelled motivational rhetoric at my mirror.

It was about a year ago that I blindly emailed Eunice and Tarini, spilling that I was so in awe of the passion they had for…everything! In the short time since them, I have been so happy to have gotten to know them, and feel the conviction and confidence they have in each of their endeavours. They have definitely influenced me in keeping my own creative and human drive alive, as well as understanding the privilege of doing so. That said, when I was told I was nominated for the CampusPerks award as an artist, I couldn’t help but share the news with the people that I’ve grown with.
The hosts of the contest asked each of the nominees to answer questions as to why someone should support them and how they got involved in whatever it is they are doing. You can peep my answers, watch my video (featuring my good friend Mark Perez), and click “Support” on the CampusPerks profile if you feel so inclined! All you need to do is click the Support Button and sign up through Facebook Connect.
Thank you Passion Project fam for your never-ending support and allowing me the platform to share this!
Much love,

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